05 . Jan . 14

Welcome to InHub!

Welcome to InHub’s blog!  As our first entry, we’d like to tell you a little about us and why InHub came to be.

InHub LLC was founded with the mission of using innovation to give people back their most valuable asset: Time.

We serve professionals whose time is not only valuable to them, but also to those who rely on them.  We’re here to give time back to the CFO’s, HR Directors, and other fiduciaries so they can go back to running their organizations.  We’re also committed to helping advisors reduce the time spent promoting their services so they can focus on their most important duty: serving their clients.

The first step toward proper stewardship of investment assets is ensuring that the right people are overseeing those assets.  InHub helps accomplish this in two key ways: Connecting fiduciaries with some of the nation’s elite investment consultants and providing the platform to do the required due diligence on those investment consultants. 

Connecting: Institutional accounts such as corporate retirement plans, public pension plans, and foundations/endowments require a higher level of oversight and investment expertise than the average individual investor.  In a sea of ‘generalists’ it is becoming increasingly difficult for fiduciaries to find or recognize ‘specialist’ advisors who are qualified and positioned to act as prudent experts for institutional and other sophisticated clients.  InHub Solution: Our team has vetted each and every firm on InHub so that when you are searching for candidates to invite, you’re only seeing those that have the experience and expertise your company or organization demands.  We’re helping you find those needles in the haystack.

Providing the Platform: If you have ever conducted a request for proposal for an investment consultant, you know that time quickly becomes a depreciating asset!  The RFP is a powerful tool for selecting advisors, but the traditional process often requires significant labor, costs, and time.  InHub Solution: Our online request for proposal platform, eRFP, reinvents the traditional process, not replace it.  Set up a demo with our team to see how it makes the entire process more efficient.

Email us anytime at to learn more about how we can help navigate a complex process and start following us to stay updated.

– The InHub Team

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