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  • Benchmarking is no Substitute for an RFP Process

    Full article:  Benchmarking is no substitute for an RFP Process_by Roger Levy CONCLUSION: BENCHMARKING VS. RFPS None of the foregoing is intended to suggest that benchmarking is imprudent. It has its place among the tools available to plan sponsors in monitoring investment-related fees, compensation and expenses. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to conduct competitive bidding each year and, s full article
  • Best Practice RFP Tips: To invite, or not to invite the incumbent to the finals presentation

    As seen on 401ktv.com: Question to the RFP Expert: Our committee runs a Retirement Plan Advisor RFP, as a matter of fiduciary responsibility every 6 years. We just did one and invited our incumbent (ie our current advisor), whose services we were happy with before we started the RFP. Should we invite the incumbent to the in-person finals presentation or no? -Plan Sponsor to a $250m 401(k). full article
  • PRESS RELEASE: Atlanta-Based FiduciaryVest Adopts InHub’s eRFP Technology

    Atlanta-Based FiduciaryVest Adopts InHub’s eRFP Technology The web-based software solution will enable FiduciaryVest to modernize their Request for Proposals (RFPs) process, from a once cumbersome offline task.   ATLANTA, GA.  May 2017 – FiduciaryVest, a nationally recognized Consulting Firm announces a new corporate license of InHub’s eRFP technology - the first web-based solu full article
  • Cerulli Associates + InHub Launch Institutional RFP & Asset Survey

    Cerulli Associates and InHub Partner to Launch Institutional RFP & Asset Survey Survey set to gather data from Institutional Asset Owners, Investment Consultants, and Investment Managers to shed light on formal due diligence process, challenges and more. CHICAGO, IL. FEBRUARY 2, 2017. InHub (theinhub.com), the online eRFP technology startup announces the exciting launch of a major Instit full article
  • Plan Sponsor Consultants moves to bring firm-wide RFP process online and selects InHub’s eRFP tool.

    TOP 100 RETIREMENT PLAN ADVISER LICENSES INHUB’S INDUSTRY-LEADING, CLOUD-BASED eRFP TECHNOLOGY Plan Sponsor Consultants moves to bring firm-wide RFP process online and selects InHub’s eRFP tool.   ATLANTA, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Plan Sponsor Consultants, a nationally recognized, independent retirement plan consulting firm, today announced a new strategic partnership wi full article
  • (InHub Quoted) RFP Automation Tools Set to Alleviate Search Headaches

    March 23, 2016.  By Michael Shagrin.  The formal request for proposal (RFP) has long provoked the ire of institutional investors and asset managers alike due to the labor intensive and often repetitive nature of the process. But technology firms are trying to upend the way searches are conducted to relieve the frustration of both end-investors and product providers.... ... InHub has ju full article
  • AI-CIO.com: (InHub Quoted) The RFP From Hell

    ...The RFP model has major advantages for asset owners: Providers do most of the work (in theory) and it builds in protection against underhanded contracting. It’s the implementation that needs—and takes—a lot of work. “Modernizing the RFP process is certainly something that took longer than I expected it to, and longer than I would have hoped,” New Jersey’s former pension investmen full article
  • P&I: Landscape Structures selects consultant for $27m 401(k) plan following RFP on InHub

    Landscape Structures selects consultant for 401(k) plan By Meaghan Kilroy| Pensions and Investments  |  February 19, 2016 3:11 pm Landscape Structures Inc., Delano, Minn., hired ABG Investment Services as consultant for its $27 million 401(k) profit sharing plan, said Fred Caslavka, chief financial officer. The firm will assist with the plan’s investment menu and provide financial planni full article

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