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  • Benchmarking is no Substitute for an RFP Process

    Full article:  Benchmarking is no substitute for an RFP Process_by Roger Levy CONCLUSION: BENCHMARKING VS. RFPS None of the foregoing is intended to suggest that benchmarking is imprudent. It has its place among the tools available to plan sponsors in monitoring investment-related fees, compensation and expenses. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to conduct competitive bidding each year and, s full article
  • NAIC Hires DiMeo Schneider as New Investment Consultant Following an eRFP on InHub

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and its affiliate the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) have selected DiMeo Schneider as the new Investment Consultant for its Defined Contribution Retirement Plans, Defined Benefit Retirement Plans and Long-Term Investment Funds. An RFP was issued earlier this year via InHub's online RFP technology (theinhub.com) as a due dilige full article
  • American Refugee Committee (ARC) Hires RJF Financial Services

    American Refugee Committee hires RJF Financial Services to its 403(b) Plan following an eRFP on InHub (www.theinhub.com).  In-person finals presentations occurred in June with the top two firms and a final hiring decision was made shortly thereafter.  The original RFP announcement can be found here. full article
  • NBFRET Hired Merrill Lynch following an eRFP on InHub

    "The NBFRET committee agreed that all final candidates would have served the Trust assets well. However, they selected [the PSP Group of] Merrill Lynch for three reasons: ·         Fees were considerably lower. ·         Administrative support of the accounts necessary was minimal. ·         Past experiences. The goal is to have the investments transferred t full article
  • The Curtis Fund Hires Fiduciary Investment Advisors (FIA) following RFP on InHub

    “We spent six months vetting twelve candidates, many of whom would have done a good job managing our portfolio. In the end it comes down to the right fit along with proximity, depth of management team, investment style, in-house research capability, price, passive bias combined with some active management (no alternative investments). I can't emphasize enough that price played an important part full article
  • Best Practice RFP Tips: To invite, or not to invite the incumbent to the finals presentation

    As seen on 401ktv.com: Question to the RFP Expert: Our committee runs a Retirement Plan Advisor RFP, as a matter of fiduciary responsibility every 6 years. We just did one and invited our incumbent (ie our current advisor), whose services we were happy with before we started the RFP. Should we invite the incumbent to the in-person finals presentation or no? -Plan Sponsor to a $250m 401(k). full article
  • EILEEN FISHER $82m 401(k) Plan Issues Investment Consultant eRFP through InHub

    EILEEN FISHER, Inc. (www.eileenfisher.com) is soliciting proposals from investment consultants to provide investment consulting services to its $82m 401(k) Plan.  6 firms were invited to participate in the RFP, including the incumbent (the incumbent is not being named at this time).  Additional candidates will not be considered.  The committee recognizes its fiduciary responsibility to ensure r full article
  • Sonic Corp. Savings and Profit Sharing Plan Issues Investment Consultant eRFP Through InHub

    Sonic Corp. (sonicdrivein.com) is soliciting proposals from investment consultants to provide investment consulting services to its $59m Savings and Profit Sharing Plan (the “Plan”).  8 firms were invited to the RFP, including the incumbent.  Finalists will be announced July 31, 2017 with in-person presentations to follow at the Sonic headquarters in Oklahoma City. The RFP was issued via In full article

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